e2e Materials, based in Ithaca, NY develops, designs, engineers and produces proprietary biocomposites for the furniture, cabinetry and other markets. Products made from e2e’s biocomposite are stronger, lighter, safer and cheaper than those made from formaldehyde-laden wood composites. Additionally, e2e uses only a small fraction of the energy required for wood composites, saving billions of pounds of CO2.


King’s Faith is a powerful faith-driven story for teens and young adults. It’s an independent feature length film that directly poses questions that today’s youth grapples with. King’s Faith is a contemporary morality tale that will stimulate teens to honestly reflect upon their lives.


EdgeOne Technologies Corp. provides technology and marketing services to clients within the automotive, real estate and small business sectors, with emphasis on automotive. The flagship product, Adsmart Online is a revolutionary Search Engine Marketing (SEM) platform. It automates the process of creating and managing SEM campaigns by dynamically generating and updating core components.

The ENTHEOS ENERGY team has over two decades of de-regulated business experience that you have instant access to when selecting us as your authorized Energy Broker.  Our staff continuously monitor the Energy Suppliers and Products, the Market Conditions and Regulatory Status in order to secure the most advantageous contracts available for our clients.